WealthWorks hubs and trainers are available to offer assistance to you, your organization and your community as you explore the principles and practices of WealthWorks. Trainings build on tested methodologies and tools and can be adapted to your specific situation. Here are some examples of when you might want to hold a group training:

  1. If you have identified a range of partners (for profits, businesses, agencies and local government) who are working or want to work in the same space or sector, this training would get them on the same page and help them identify who is in the room, what they bring to the table, and what is missing, and help develop ways to collaborate and communicate. Similarly, if you work with a number of organizations and/or businesses that are working independently, but could reduce individual risk and increase economies of scale, you might bring them together.
  2. If you are a community economic development organization and you want your staff to use this approach to doing economic development differently. If your staff is small, consider inviting a neighboring economic development organization or others doing community economic development work.
  3. If you want to promote economic diversification across a region build on local assets, and deep change in a place, you may hold a training for lead organizations to learn the approach and then mobilize others to engage (train the trainers).

Training Topics

WealthWorks trainings can be customized to cover a range of topics: exploring values, defining wealth, exploring assumptions, systems thinking, wealth building strategies, value chains – mapping, identifying and addressing value chain gaps, building relationships with demand, roles of coaches and coordinators, value chain selection and translating the concepts.

Get Started

  1. We strongly recommend coordinating a training through a local hub or a hub with specialized knowledge in a specific sector. Find contact information for your local hub or a hub with your sector specialization.
  2. If a local hub is not available, consider reaching out to one of these professionals:
Name Organization Details
Melissa Levy Community Roots, LLC

Community Roots, LLC is a Vermont firm specializing in rural community and economic development consulting. Melissa Levy of Community Roots, LLC has been working with the WealthWorks framework over the past several years. She's been a trainer, coach, workshop facilitator, and presenter in the WealthWorks community.

Cheryl Peterson McIntosh S.E.E.D.

Works nationwide, but most in the South: Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; Interested in agriculture, local foods, and education

Barbara Wyckoff Dynamica Consulting

Barbara Wyckoff, Dynamica Consulting, provides training and consults with communities from Alaska to Wisconsin in WealthWorks.  She focuses on: identifying emerging sectors, exploration of value chain systems, strategies for engaging potential partners and enhancing communications, and deep dives with social enterprises to fill gaps, including value chain coordinators.