Southeast Ohio Food

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Marketing Scales up Regional Food Systems

Rural Action, ACEnet, and their partners work to increase economic success for the region’s residents by providing connections to potential buyers and seeking opportunities to add value to the region in several ways.  Farmers can market directly to household consumers and to buyers for restaurants, food banks, schools, and hospitals through the Chesterhill Produce Auction, a food hub that aggregates produce at two weekly auctions during the growing season of May – November each year.

Deep South Community Agriculture

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Deep South Community Agriculture Network

The Deep South has a strong agricultural history, but too many resources are concentrated in the hands of a few. Now a group of African American farmers in Mississippi and Alabama are banding together to serve local customers in three budding “hot spots,” to increase their yields and application of sustainable farming practices, to develop capacity and inroads to access larger markets, to engage young people — and to redefine farming as a path to prosperity.


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