New Mexico Cooperatives

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In Mora, New Mexico, approaching challenges cooperatively has created benefits and opportunities for this small, rural community. Most residents are low income, and many are also of Native American or Spanish descent. The local nonprofit Collaborative Visions, along with county commissioners, business owners, and a network of committed and connected community members work together toward a future that improves economic opportunity, quality of life, and environmental preservation, providing a base to retain or welcome back young adults and to integrate newer residents.

Mid-South Food LINC

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Mid-South Food LINC

Growers in the Mississippi River Delta areas of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee have a long history and deep knowledge base of growing a variety of types of produce and other crops. Communities Unlimited (CU), a nonprofit community development organization that works in seven southern states, serves as a local food coordinator to identify market opportunities and areas with limited food access and make connections with area growers who are able to meet those needs.

Melissa Levy

Community Roots, LLC is a Vermont firm specializing in rural community and economic development consulting. Melissa Levy of Community Roots, LLC has been working with the WealthWorks framework over the past several years. She's been a trainer, coach, workshop facilitator, and presenter in the WealthWorks community.

Cheryl Peterson

Works nationwide, but most in the South: Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; Interested in agriculture, local foods, and education

Barbara Wyckoff

Barbara Wyckoff, Dynamica Consulting, provides training and consults with communities from Alaska to Wisconsin in WealthWorks.  She focuses on: identifying emerging sectors, exploration of value chain systems, strategies for engaging potential partners and enhancing communications, and deep dives with social enterprises to fill gaps, including value chain coordinators.


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